About Us

The smoking gun. The bloodstained knife. The cross-country chase for the culprit, the DNA test, the rattle and clang of prison doors. At CrimeCapsule.com, nothing fascinates us more than the stories of true crime in American history, the deeds and misdeeds of our citizens that have stunned our communities and in some cases, shaped our nation. We love the wily ways that crooks just slip past the law, and we crave the stray piece of evidence that clinches a case. We hate the crimes, but wonder at the criminals: who were they? Where did they come from? What drove them to do what they did?

That’s our mission: to dig up these stories from America’s past, and bring them to America’s present. To shine a light on the darkness that at times shadows our history. And hopefully, to let that light illuminate the concept of justice just a little more brightly.

Who are we? We’re readers, writers, researchers, and editors, all assembled by the team at Arcadia Publishing and the History Press to bring these tales of murder, arson, corruption, bootlegging, and more to our readers. We come from all walks of life, but we share one thing: a passion for great stories, even when those stories make us shudder.

Besides, bootlegging. So much bootlegging. Who could possibly resist?


For over 20 years Arcadia Publishing has reconnected people to their community, their neighbors, and their past by offering a curbside view of hometown history and often forgotten aspects of American life. Composed in a unique pictorial format with over two hundred vintage images and accompanying captions, Arcadia books animate the cherished memories, people, places, and events that define a community. From the iconic Images of America series and Images of Aviation series to Postcard Histories and so many more, these richly illustrated histories bring to life small town America.