Our Favorite True Crime Podcasts


There’s nothing better than putting down your work, turning on a true crime podcast and doing…..anything, really. In alphabetical order (no favoritism here!) we’re gathering our favorite true crime podcast episodes for you, our lovely readers. Check back often as we update with new shows and new episodes!

Crawlspace – True Crime Podcast

Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the people behind Missing Maura Murray.

Episode to listen to: “Serial Killer Gary Gene Grant w/ Cloyd Steiger”

The story of Gary Gene Grant may ring a bell–we covered the crazy case this year when Steiger’s book came out. Listen below and check out the book here.

Crime Junkie / RedBall – True Crime & Mystery

From the creative minds behind Crime Junkie and with participation from the Indiana State Police, Ashley Flowers takes you alongside the re-investigation into one of Indianapolis’ most infamous unsolved cases.

Favorite Series: “Red Ball is Here: So Many Rabbit Holes”

The Burger Chef murders are so crazy, we’ve actually covered them not once but twice. One of her references is the same book we covered in the articles linked above. You can pick up a copy here.

You can grab your own copy of the book she references and uses for the majority of the story here.

Minnesota’s Most Notorious: Where Blood Runs Cold

Historical true crime podcast about Minnesota.

Episode to listen to: : “Interview: The 1933 Johnson Family Murders w/ Brian Johnson – A True Crime History Podcast”

This may also ring a bell to seasoned Crime Capsule Readers–we featured a chapter from Johnson’s book on the site in 2019. This interview with the veteran journalist (and nephew of the victim!) is making us want to pick up our copy again…(you can get your own copy here).

My Favorite Murder -True Crime & Comedy

My Favorite Murder is the hit true crime comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

Favorite Episodes:

Episode 212 – Hot Money

Crime Capsule readers will enjoy listening to this recap and some hot takes on a crazy store we’ve covered: the Curse of Corpsewood Manor . Most of Karen’s sources are articles, but if you’re looking for a meatier dive into this case, pick up a copy of Corpsewood Manor Murders of North Georgia.

Episode 196 – The Baddest of the Them All

If Crime Junkie / Red Ball wasn’t enough Burger Chef for you, check out this MFM episode. Georgia recounts this Indiana saga in episode 196. You can grab your own copy of the book she references and uses for the majority of the story here.

Southern Fried True Crime – True Crime

A true crime podcast exploring the underbelly of the Deep South.

Favorite Episodes:

“Lavinia Fisher: Charleston’s Woman in White”

The tale of Lavinia Fisher and the deaths at her Charleston outpost are lowcountry legend. In this episode of Southern Fried True Crime, host Erica Kelly unravels the myth to reveal a supremely shocking, infuriating miscarriage of justice. The paperback version of the book is backordered, but you can buy a hardcover version (so fancy!) here if you don’t want to wait.

Listen to “74: Lavinia Fisher: Charleston’s Woman in White” on Spreaker.

“Serial Killer Larry Gene Grant” Parts 1 and 2

Truly a treat for those looking for a detailed, insiders’ look at the criminal justice system. Kelly uses the book of the forensic photographer on the case, Lieutenant Rita Y. Shuler, to deliver a deep dive into a truly terrifying case from South Carolina. This case has been featured on the Discovery Channel’s FBI Files, episode “Cat and Mouse,” and in the CBS movie Nightmare in Columbia County, which can still be seen on Lifetime TV. It currently runs as the episode “Last Will” on Court TV’s Forensic Files.

You can pick up a copy of the book that Shuler wrote about her experience and the case here.