Salacious Sacramentans

Betty Inada was a Sacramento native and icon of the Nisei jazz scene. Seeking fame, she immigrated from the United States to Japan, where she became a popular jazz singer and movie star. Pacific Film Archive.

Celebrating California’s Capital City

The state of California has long been known for its independent spirit and the many colorful characters that have called it home. While Los Angeles and San Francisco love to showcase their more flamboyant citizens, other cities in the Golden State also lay claim to remarkable residents. In his book Wicked Sacramento author William Burg has unearthed many of these larger-than-life individuals; Yesterday’s America pays tribute to California’s capital city with this photo gallery of celebrated, if sometimes notorious, salacious Sacramentans.

Go more in depth on these and other salacious Sacramentans in the book, Wicked Sacramento.

An image of the Wicked Sacramento book cover for Salacious Sacramentans