What to read during your COVID-19 Quarantine

Quaranreads for your Quarantine


Stuck at home? Complying with isolation orders, but dreaming of blue skies? Don’t let quarantine be a jail sentence—let us help you escape with some quality quarantine reads!

Here on Crime Capsule—and our sister site, Yesterday’s America—we’re well aware of how serious the COVID-19 crisis is, and we’re grateful for those brave men and women in medical care who have placed themselves in harm’s way to help those who are suffering. After all, they remind us of some outstanding public servants in law enforcement that we’ve met in months past.

But we also understand that with the suspension of school and work, many folks now have more time than they expected on their hands, and we’re here to help keep boredom at bay during quarantine. On both our sites we’re planning a series of great articles for you to enjoy during your temporary confinement: we’ll be exploring beloved sports teams of America’s past, cheering them on from our virtual stands even as we wait for our favorites to retake the field.

Tired of Social Distancing? Time Travel with Us Instead

From the best true crime to the exciting doses of history from every corner of the country, we’ve got you covered with quarantine reads of every shape, size and persuasion. We’ll be walking the halls of historic hospitals and clinics, documenting the heroic efforts to fight diseases through time. We’ll be interviewing debut authors whose books are just being released, and of course, here on Crime Capsule we’ll be taking a special look at jailbreaks and escapes—but don’t let that give you any ideas!

Bored? Read these during Quarantine:

History Behind the Tiger King:

The eccentric history of zoos, circuses, and lion-tamers in America


(via Yesterday’s America)

LA’s Sweet, Sweet Secrets:

Inside Los Angeles’ Bootlegging Suppliers


The Worst-Kept Secret in Texas

How the “Best Little Whorehouse” Lasted So Long


(via Yesterday’s America)

Seattle’s Lost Serial Killer Gary Gene Grant

From Seattle homicide investigator Cloyd Steiger


We encourage you to browse our digital shelves and keep an eye out for upcoming promotions on select titles to help you while away the time. We’ve dropped some of our readers’ favorite true crime books at the bottom of this post, as well as the newest ones to hit the shelves.

Learn something new about your hometown. Travel to a place you’ve never been. Share the joy of exploration and discovery with your family and friends. We’re here to help, so watch this space. After all, to paraphrase the Scottish poet Don Paterson, “there are more ways to leave a room than by the door or the window.”

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